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rayquaza ater the credits XD
absolutely fukin epic man can you give me some tips on how to draw because this is absolutely frikkin amazing. love the way that youve brought pokemon out of the pussy lnad and into the mortal kombat land heh heh. :D

even tho....

this sucks i will give u a 3 for actually listening to their music instead of being a saddo on guitar hero and doin through the fire and flames as this is much better any chance u could do heroes of our time next?

i love this song

love the manga-y drawing also to clear this all up
the original tune is from a disney movierobin hood and is whistled
this is by hampton the hamster
and no it is not by weird al devilman
anyway great animation and facials looks like you put a lot of work into it

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wouldve been a perfect ten if it wasnt....

for that frickin level 7 tried it a million times looked on playthrus on the web its just shite give me my wepons bacl
so unfortunately its a 4 till u gimme my wepons again

very very hard to control

not my kind of game i liked it in early levels but afterwards it became too hard to dodge and kill at thesame time change the controls to mouse and it would be nicer

no just really, no

bad how did this get through the thousands of blams it prolly had a really bad game thats far too tricky, by level three its impossible.

mattfosho responds:

Sorry you think so. I agree it is a very hard game but that's how I wanted it - frustratingly hard but with a constant possibility of getting better. It isn't impossible though, quite a few people have managed to get some really good scores, but it takes practice. Thanks for trying it though.

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relly good

great depth can hear were the lyrics will fit well but maybe make it more sawish and decrease the distortion on the big drum use a eurogate and raise the main leads pitch distort a square for the start melody. but your drums are great and im lovin the way its done, nice work!.

Los-Illuminados responds:

hmm, saw channel, gonna try that out!

yeah, ironically, before i read the comment, i realized the big drum thing only today :\ i guess i was trying to make bass-y sounds lol.

the main leads, i would've but there were some problems that persisted =(

overall, thanks lots for review and tips!

hmmmmm ejay?

sounds a lot like you made this in ejay, or just used bad fl8 sounds
soz but i really dont like this use better quality drums and sounds
how the fucks this a 4.63?????????

veroVl responds:

No need for the rude comment. If you don't like it then don't say anything kid, i'm beginner so take a step back from the BITCHING, yes? thanks :}

well......you own me.

seriously how did you get the timing on the piano at the beginning 1/3 step 1/4step?
also any cance you could send me a few noises im a little short of good noises soooo please could you usend me the bass and the lead you used overlaying the vocals
loved it. favoourited you and this song.

ioneofmany responds:

It's in 3 step. I can't just give you my own sounds, but you'll have all the basic noises I have if you get "Vengeance Essential Club" Volumes 1, 2, and 3. Hope this helps! :)

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anime arithmetic....

blood splatter+hot girl+knives+sexy=epicness
tis simple arithmetic my dear wattson!
love this picture and now she will scare me everytime i open up my computer.

Philmiranda responds:

Well I'm glad you like it so much! Thanks for the compliments!


i really like this eyes have never been a strong point of mine and neither anatomically correct faces so its soooo nice to see one and the fish was beautiful too great colours made this stand out

OctoJazz responds:

thanks :) the thing is with this project their not ment to be soooo perfect, this is for my iPhone/Laptop designs.


i like it it isnt anythin to po-mo (my pet peeve) but ti has that surreal feel what i really like is the hair as they are kinda manga'y which is a fav of mine ;)
the guy below me's just a freak who's lying and breakin rules so ignore him

OctoJazz responds:

wow didn't know one picture could spawn such cacha bants.
thanks for leaving a decent coment anyway :)
it's not my best work but i just like to doodle :D

.....plus guy below and guy ontop of this comment their robots, its just a ying yang view XD

what shall we die for?

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